How to Create an International Driving License Online

For people who want to drive a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle abroad, can make International Driving License with the following requirements:

A. Requirements making International Driving License:
  1. Copy SIM A / C = 3 pieces
  2. Copy of ID = 3 pieces
  3. Copy of Passport = 3 pieces
  4. Pas Photo 4 x 6 = 5 pieces with a background of blue (male wears a tie, female wears a blazer)

B. Requirements making International Driving License via Online: 

For those who live abroad or outside the city but want to create an International Driving License via online without having to be present, Service Bureau Partner SAMSAT is ready to assist International Driving License, do the following:
  1. Scan all the necessary data: SIM Copy, Copy of ID card, Passport Copy
  2. Prepare Pas Photo size of 4 x 6 (male wears a tie, female wears a blazer)
  3. Send all data and photograph to email
  4. Costs can be transferred via BCA or Mandiri Bank
  5. International Driving License finished will be sent to your address via the EMS service Pos Indonesia or TIKI
For more information about the International Driving License please contact Service Bureau Partner SAMSAT at +62 81385902680.


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